Sponsor Our Students

We have realized in our journey of last past 10 years that artistic mind has no boundation and can be found in any human being irrespective of their age, caste, gender and financial status . often it happens that students who are very talented and passionate about art are financially weak or lack adequate financial resources to fulfill their academic needs like fees, etc.
Being commercial institute we have our own limitations and even after reducing the fee we are not in a position to help the needy students to great extent.
We hereby call upon the society at large to support the needy and talented students to pursue their subject courses in our institute by sponsoring their courses. The interested person would be paying their fees directly to the institute on behalf of the student and in return, the institute shall be reporting regularly to them about the progress of the concerned student. Even after the student passes out from the institute, the sponsor would be aware about the student’s professional journey regarding his/her job etc.
Helping someone to gain knowledge is a great blessing one can have in today’s era.